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Failure to comply with our etiquettes may result in removal or suspension. Privately report poor behavior by filling out an Incident Report. Our etiquettes was designed to keep our community safe and to prevent the violation of privacy of any members of The Classy Party.

1. Speak up. We cannot keep our community safe if we are unaware of issues so please let us know.

2. We practice enthusiastic consent when engaging with new partners. Consent for touch, conversations or digital interactions must be confirmed before engaging.


4. Do not yuck on anyone’s yum. Sex is varied and exploration takes many shapes. Do not judge others for how they choose to express themselves sexually.

5. We embodying ideals inspired by love, empathy, sexual freedom, finding new states of happiness and self-awareness and acceptance. Those who are welcomed here are encouraged to explore, but everyone has the right to do so at their own pace. Never pressure anyone to engage in things they are not interested in.

6. We aim to create an environment where playfulness is encouraged, free from judgement and shame-based societal restrictions. We do not slut shame here. We don’t share revenge porn or images without the consent of those in it. Respect every members right to privacy.

7. Be kind to one another. Hugs and signs of affection are encouraged. Think about each other and ways to make our community better. Our aim is to create a friendly environment where people feel welcomed and included.

8. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. This includes non-consensual contact, sending unsolicited direct messages or images, exhibiting harmful, divisive or hateful behavior, contributing to others feeling unsafe, or becoming overly intoxicated during live events. These behaviors run counter to our beliefs and only lead to division.

9. When handling disputes we ask members to come from a place of heal, not harm. We practice harm reduction in disputes between members and encourage those having issues in the membership to address it with the Society council members.

10. The Classy Party is a private community and we ask for disputes between the membership to be managed privately. Do not share details about other members publicly. Do not reach out to other members on their personal social profiles unless they have given you approval to do so.

11. The Classy Party is a diverse community. We condemn the practice of race based fetishization. Members who use hurtful words or who engage in practices that are anti-Black, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, body shaming, whorephobic or xenophobic may be warned, removed or suspended from our community.

12. Members are expected to take rejection gracefully. If someone isn’t interested in you or if you’re not interested in another person, please don’t take it as an opportunity to lash out or to respond in anger. Rejection is part of the process and shouldn’t be used to harm others.

13. As a member of The Classy Party we are entrusting you with helping to contribute not only to an inviting and friendly atmosphere, but also to a place where we can explore radical self-expression safely.

14. Don’t be thirsty. Take a breath. Give people time to get to know our community and explore. It's okay to ignore and respond when you want or not at all. You do not owe anyone your time or attention. If you are asking to DM and get ignored, don't act out. Rejection is okay. Move on.

15. Be responsible and disclose your STD status with potential partners. Practicing enthusiastic consent means being honest about potential dangers you may be bringing to the bedroom. If you're receiving this information it's important to not respond negatively. People have STDs and some are more common than others. We shouldn't stigmatize. If you're more active in the scene please get tested regularly. Know your status. Know your status. Know your status. Be honest.

16. Condom use must be discussed before engaging in sex with a new partner. Please verbalize whether or not the use of a condom is required. It’s okay to go raw, but ONLY if both partners consent. If a condom is requested and removed during sex please inform us so that we can take appropriate action.